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or visit us at Playtime Paris this weekend!



My baby girl turned 5 and we had a small celebration with some of her friends. I was a bit worried what it would be like with 5 screaming kids in the house, but all the horror stories aside, I must say we all had a great afternoon. We initially planned to go to the park, but bad weather made us change our plans at the last minute. We built a cinema in Oscars room with popcorn and drinks and they all loved it. 

I haven¨t been around much here lately. Things have gotten really busy with Oh My Kids and so I got hooked on instagram. It's so fast and easy.
Hope to see you there!


Things are mad right now. I have so many wholesale orders going out at the end of the month and I'm printing like crazy to get everything done in time. I must admit though that I love a bit of stress. I actually realised last night at 2 am how much I had missed those night shifts, by myself in a quiet studio, without any distractions.
This afternoon I'm taking a break though. Annabel and I have a long overdue girlsday planned :-)


We went to Spain for a few days to celebrate Anna-Lucia's 1st birthday! I'm her godmother so I didn't want to miss this!
  We all really enjoyed ourselves on this last minute trip, filled with sun, good food and great company. What more could one wish for!

Happy birthday Anna -Lucia, little cutie!


 It was Oscars first time to join in with the cupcake baking... he went wild decorating them. I love the special Easter edition M&M colours...It's a pitty they lost their shine after a night in the fridge. 

We are heading into a weekend full of chocolate covered hands and faces :-)

 Happy Easter everyone!!


Yesterday he was a baby, today he's potty trained and makes four word sentences...where's my baby gone?!


Over the weeekend I took part in another edition of De Invasie, located in Antwerp this time. There were LOTS of visitors and I got showered in compliments :-)

 These babypants are a new addition to the 2013 collection and will be for sale through the webshop soon. 
For those who can't wait...you can always mail me directly! (sizes range from 3-6 months up to 18 months) 

After months of hard work I 'm taking today and tomorrow off, spending time with my babies. Ohh, how I missed that!!


Annabel looks like one of those bloggers, shooting her outfit of the day! It was the first time she wanted to wear her new sneakers and I'm so glad...they are too cool!

 Finally the end of a crazy busy period is in sight. I've got one week left to send out all the Oh My Kids wholesale orders and after that...of to NYC! Can't wait!


I had an exciting weekend! 
About two months ago, me and three other designers/shopowners decided to open a shop in Antwerp. 
Sharing the space and costs, made it possible to realise a project that would normally be impossible to do. 
The speed things had to be organised sometimes seemed more than crazy, but I guess we pulled it off in the end, with the opening on Saturday. These are some pictures of the Oh My Kids section. If you're curious to see the rest of the shop, don't hesitate to stop by one day!! We sell everything for kids age 2 to 10 years, clothes and homewear.